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Cool Free Desktop Photos: Flowers, Fish

Here's an assortment of royalty free desktop wallpaper images for your computer screen.
Click on the thumbnails in order to view the larger 1024 x 768 images.
Nice nature pictures!

Pretty Purple Flowers

Here are some very pretty purple flowers that
you may use for your desktop wallpaper.
Click the image in order to access the larger version.

Bright Yellow Flowers
Here are some amazing bright yellow flowers.
A free desktop image for your screen!
A beautiful, vibrant photo for your theme!

Here's a huge red Hibiscus flower.
This blossom is the size of a small plate!

This flower is known as Lantana.
The blossoms are tiny, but rich in color.

Any koi lovers our there?
Koi are also known as "carp."
If you're a fan of ornamental fish or pond fish, this
koi desktop wallpaper may be perfect for you.

Muskellunge, Musky or Muskie
This interesting (some say ugly) fish is a muskie
(also known as a muskellunge, a musky or a maskinonge).
Muskies are the largest members of the pike family (Esocidae).
Now you may have this large photo of a muskie for your computer desktop!
This may be particularly appealing if you're an angler, or if you
just want a unique and strange-looking photo as the
background of your computer desktop.
Sport fishing theme! Ugly fish theme: for free!



Free interesting desktop wallpaper graphics! Use one of these photos for your computer screen wallpaper! Click on a thumbnail image, then when the large image appears, right-click and select "Set as Desktop Background." De mooie achtergrond van de bloemenDesktop! Fondo hermoso de la mesa de las flores! Beau fond d'ordinateur de bureau de fleurs!



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