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Prom Dresses: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Modest Prom Dresses: Click here!

Here's our directory of stores selling homecoming dresses in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Some of these sites offer cheap, discount or affordable modern dresses.


Lauderdale Bride (and Prom): located in Ft. Lauderdale; carrying prom dresses by designers such as Jovani, Flirt and Paris by Tony Bowls. The website's online gallery features a fantastic assortment of dazzling dresses with colors that include hot pink, emerald, fushia, orange, lavender, silver and royal blue. You'll find formal dresses with sequins, rhinestones, patterns, tiers, taffeta, satin and more at Lauderdale Bride.

Rashawn Rose: located in Davie, FL; offering a variety of prom dresses in sizes from 0-26. This establishment also promotes "... a wide range of prices as well to keep you within your budget."

Zola Keller: located in Fort Lauderdale; carrying prom gowns, pageant gowns and cocktail dresses from designers such as Tony Bowls.

Angelus Bridal (and Prom): located in Pompano Beach, FL. We couldn't find a list of designers on the website at the time of our visit, but there was a nice photo gallery containing a variety of prom dress styles, including Spanish-influenced dresses, mermaid dresses and poofy ball gowns.

Are you seeking conservative prom dresses (dresses that don't reveal too much)?

Several of the stores in this directory also sell dresses that would be suitable as Quinceanera dresses or gowns, sweet sixteen dresses, special occasion dresses, formal dresses, Bat Mitzvah dresses, prom dresses or bridesmaid dresses. We hope we've helped you answer that tough question about homecoming dresses: "Where to buy formal dresses in Fort Lauderdale?"



Please let us know if you'd like your Fort Lauderdale homecoming dress store listed here!



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